Antti Rask [Mentor]

Business Development Manager, Teosto

About this speaker

Antti Rask is a Business Development Manager at Teosto, the Finnish Performance Rights Organization (PRO), with 15 years of experience in the music business. In his current role he has been heavily involved in developing a web service advancing more granular data distribution visibility for Teosto members.

Antti has a burning curiosity towards all things data, and he has been studying data analytics for the past three years (with no end in sight). He is an active member of various data communities (DATAcated Circle, RStudio Data Science Hangout and The Artists of Data Science, for instance) and writes his own blog ( from the cross section of R programming and music data. He has a specific passion towards analyzing music charts: radio, Spotify, YouTube - you name it!

Antti lives in Helsinki, Finland and has a side gig as a musician: Sounds of Mercy Gospel Choir, Antti & Isotalo (traditional Finnish folk music) and Eriparimies (solo project). He has also competed in the Voice of Finland (2019).

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