Candace Newman

CEO & Founder, LIVE OUT L!VE

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Candace Newman is the CEO and Founder of LIVE OUT L!VE, a non-profit dedicated to

encouraging marginalized teens and young adults to pursue careers in live entertainment.

After obtaining a Masters of Arts in Communications, Candace began her career at Universal Music Group. Her passion for events and working in entertainment next led Candace to establish an event production company. Candace then continued to build her career in the event space by evolving into live events, and she spent 10 years as a Live Nation Tour Executive, booking, producing, and promoting major artists like Rihanna, David Blaine, and the Backstreet Boys. Her experience and leadership position have allowed her to spearhead inclusive efforts for women in the entertainment industry for the entirety of her career.

These continuing efforts, as well as her own experiences in the male-dominated space,

inspired Candace to launch LIVE OUT L!VE in 2019. Her LA-based organization exists to open more doors for future leaders in live entertainment and instill confidence through mentorship, events, seminars, and more. LIVE OUT L!VE is forging the path to bring better representation to the music industry, while helping others discover their own passion and purpose.

As CEO of LIVE OUT L!VE, Candace provides consultancy services for artists, brands, and companies. Candace is skilled in project management, marketing, and finance, and she is passionate about creating live music experiences with established and emerging artists. LIVE OUT L!VE creates impactful experiential platforms and opportunities. Her team helps with talent and management structure, as well as producing content and live experiential events. The organization is also focused on creating organic, meaningful partnerships in order to build educational initiatives and structured support systems for industry women of color both during and after the pandemic.

Candace holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications & Entertainment from California State University, Fullerton, and a Masters of Arts in Communications from California State University, Los Angeles. She lives in LA with her son.

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February 27, 2022, 05:20 PM
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