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Feed Media Group is for businesses that need licensed popular music to create the most engaging customer experiences in their digital apps and physical spaces. Unlike navigating complex, time-consuming negotiations with music labels and publishers, Feed Media Group’s proprietary streaming platform and SDKs deliver pre-cleared music—compiled by the industry’s best curators—complete with user analytics, payments to rightsholders, and legal indemnification for our customers.

Feed.fm powers music for the world’s leading brands including American Eagle Outfitters, Mayo Clinic, Mirror, Nautilus and Tonal; and up-and-coming startups use A to create unique music-based experiences. Our music partners include Warner, BMG, and Kobalt.

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Career Fair Table: Daniela Velazquez, Recruiter | View Roles

Sponsor Booth: Melissa Clark, Director of Marketing

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February 26, 2022, 10:00 PM
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