Géraldine Zanaska

Founder & CEO, Compass Music & Lighthouse

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Developed by leading global music consultancy Compass Music, Lighthouse is a members-only platform and marketplace connecting industry professionals worldwide with the tools, resources, and trusted local expertise needed to navigate international music markets. Steering the ship, Paris native Géraldine Zanaska has 12 years’ experience in the music industry. Between earning her master’s degree in Music Business Management from London’s University of Westminster and launching Compass Music - and now Lighthouse, Géraldine worked for an independent record label, a music venue, a live music promoter, a cultural institution, and the French music export office. Geraldine was named as an Alt Power Music List Honoree in December 2021 in the Business & Technology category.

When not working on her platform, with clients or cruising the canals on her narrowboat, you can often find her giving guest lectures, hosting workshops, and mentoring young professionals starting out in the music business. 

Previous Clients include: Arts Canteen, PRS Foundation, Strut Records,(UK); Centre National de la Musique, Kwaidan Records, Le Bureau Export, Le MILA, Les Formations d’Issoudun, MaMA Festival, Sup de Pub, Trans Musicales, Universal Music Publishing, Un Plan Simple (FR); Institut Français (DK); Pop RLP (DE); music:LX, Rocklab, Sonic Visions (LU); Austrian Music Export (AUT), Music Export Poland (PL).

Delivered workshops for, or talked at events including: Babel Med (FR), by:Larm (NO), EMX (NL), Gatecrash (IND), The Great Escape (UK), I Like Networking (UK), Initiative Pop (DE), Institut Français (DK), Les Formations d’Issoudun (FR), Le Mila (FR), Pitchfork Music Festival (FR), PRS Foundation (UK), Reeperbahn festival (DE), Rockhal (LU), Sonic Visions (LU), Sup de Pub (FR), Trans Musicales (FR), Where’s The Music (SE), Wide Days (UK), WISE (DE).


Current affiliations: Board member for Le Mila (FR); Mentor for I Like Networking (UK/global); Member of Music Tech France, MMF UK, BPI’s Music & Tech Springboard Programme, She Said So, Women In CTRL; signatory of Keychange and Music Declares Emergency pledges.

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February 27, 2022, 05:20 PM
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