Jeremie Habib

CEO & Co-Founder, Gigwell

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Jeremie Habib is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gigwell, a Y-Combinator-backed technology startup that is changing the way live entertainment is booked globally. The platform is trusted by over 50,000 live entertainers and venues who use Gigwell to streamline the entire process -from managing booking requests to handling electronic contracts and online payments. To date over $1.5B in gigs have been booked on the platform, in verticals ranging from DJs & Musicians to Public Speakers and Comedians.

Jeremie sits at the intersection of technology and live music. Prior to founding Gigwell, Jeremie held several Sales & BD positions at numerous enterprise SaaS companies in Silicon Valley, all while maintaining a very active presence in San Francisco’s vibrant nightlife scene, having booked and produced over 300 events globally. Jeremie is firmly committed to bringing the live events industry into the 21st century and seeking to disrupt a $200B global market stuck on yesterdays tools.

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Live & On Location: Music Cities & Stages

February 27, 2022, 05:20 PM
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