Joey Akan

Founder, Afrobeats Intelligence

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Joey Akan is the Founder of Afrobeats Intelligence, Entertainment Editor of News Central TV, and the West African Arts & Culture Commissioning Editor for The Conversations Africa. He is a multi-award-winning journalist, writer, A&R, event host, media consultant and also, a public relations consultant and commentator on current affairs, including African music, Urban pop culture, politics, sport, race, gender and sexuality. He has written and has had successful publications on a variety of topics in the music industry, including investigations into the music distribution business, Africa, its sounds, and the culture of music. Joey, through his several years in the Entertainment industry and pop culture experience, has acted as a consultant for major record labels, actors, musicians and creatives with carefully tailored advice on their A&R, communications and promotional strategies. His works have appeared in The New York Times The FADER, Quartz, The New Yorker, Mail & Guardian, DJ Booth, Pulse, Guardian, OkayAfrica, Highsnobiety, CNN and many more publications. Joey also sits on the awarding academy for the MOBOs and MAMAs. He has also covered some of the continents biggest events, including the MTV Africa Music Awards, Red Bull Culture Clash, Headies, African Music Awards, and many others.

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February 26, 2022, 07:40 PM
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