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The winning teams for round one move on to the final round where they present their projects again to a fresh panel of judges.

You can find the PDF/downloadable version of the presentations to the right and the interactive components below.


[WINNER] Team 3 - SoundBae: Find Your Musical Match
An app using data to match users to small artists performing in the area and fans to go with.
Team: Amandis S. L. Hnarakis, Kelly Qi, Ashley Meza-Wong, Boris Doosey, Sabrina Pereira da Silva, Brennan Jennings
Presentation Content

[SECOND PLACE] Team 6 - lyrically
Using lyrical analysis to generate insights and opportunities
Team: Aimée Tian, Kate Soar, Chen Duan, Aaron Dutschmann, Ankita Elizabeth Mathew, Maria Habbouche
Tableau Dashboard

[THIRD PLACE] Team 10 - Reviralize: A B2B consulting service
A guide to repurposing back catalogs by identifying and applying current viral trends
Team: King Cleopatra, Adan Diaz, Gracie Sands, Carrington Peterson, Miriam Koch, Brandon Eggleston

February 27, 2022, 08:30 PM

08:30 PM - 10:00 PM

About The Speakers

Alex Varia

Alex Varia [Judge]

SVP, Insights & Strategy, Pollen

Melissa Clark

Melissa Clark

Director of Marketing, Feed Media Group

Measure of Music

Measure of Music

Measure of Music

Rachel Buswell

Rachel Buswell [Judge]

Head of Digital Partnerships & Analytics, Domino Recording Co.

Seri Guobadia

Seri Guobadia [Judge]

Head of Product, Songkick

Michael Kauffman

Michael Kauffman [Judge]

Executive Director, Clio Music & Clio Cannabis The Clio Awards