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Team 10 - Reviralize: A B2B consulting service
A guide to repurposing back catalogs by identifying and applying current viral trends
Team: King Cleopatra, Adan Diaz, Gracie Sands, Carrington Peterson, Miriam Koch, Brandon Eggleston

Team 14 MusiGaL
Evolution of streaming. Fixing the streaming model, with a web3 ready solution with 360 degree value
Team: Kai Williamson, Tashan Patel, Rokas Kucinskas, Alexander Ndace, Shay Tyrell, Teniola Olopade

Team 12 - Find the perfect song for your ad
How data can help with sync placements and how can it improve the scope of the project
Team: Suranjana Sarkar,Simran Doshi, Rufy Ghazi, Aldy Alfian, Jenn Chew, Bobby Rizal
Presentation Content

Team 13 - How Web3/NFTs are changing the landscape of Music
Our research considers how music artists can leverage blockchain /NFTs in the long term
Team: Suan Jung, Junghwan Yim, Francisco Medina, Adebola Daramola, K I O K A Williams, Chloe Carpenter

Team 9 - WanderTune
A sonic travel guide to the music and music histories of cities in the U.S. and beyond
Team: Carmel Suchard, AmberLashae ONeil, Jonathan Andritsch, Rebecca Lee Johnson, Aaron Emanuel, Rene Collins
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Team 7 - We Need Some More Girls in Here...
Can we use data to create a more equitable music festival line-up?
Team: Anthony Lee, Frank Woodworth, Norma Pierre Louis, Natalia Rizzi, Bianca Dakamela Ncube, Shannon Moore

Team 11 - Using Data to Help Artists Grow Internationally
Our challenge: "Can data help an unknown Nigerian artist become famous in Europe? If so, how?
Team: Stella Maffucci, Obisanya oluwadamilola, Michael Meng, Kini-Abasi Edet, Brendan Gaffney, Ida Sällinen
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Team 3 - SoundBae: Find Your Musical Match
An app using data to match users to small artists performing in the area and fans to go with. Team: Amandis S. L. Hnarakis, Kelly Qi, Ashley Meza-Wong, Boris Doosey, Sabrina Pereira da Silva, Brennan Jennings
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Team 8 - Coming to America: Breaking international artists in the US
Strategies to consider for labels and managers looking to break international artists in the US
Team: Sedina Tsikata, Charlie Liang, Lateefat Dabiri, Veronika Lozano, Bola Abodunrin, Obi Ajuebor
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Team 15 - #TikTokMadeMeStreamIt
The correlation between TikTok challenges/trends and its impact on an artist's exposure
Team: Theresa Grannum, Michela Underwood, Vinayak Potdar, Deborah Akinwumi, Kathryn Goodman, Zach Lindenberg
Presentation Content

Team 5 - Breaking it Off: The Rise of PinkPantheress
The relationship TikTok viral moments and continued growth via a comparative study w/PinkPantheress
Team: Blanca Coello, Mary-Dawn Onwusorom, Laura Hufnagle, Felicia Birnbaum, Abhi Acharya
Presentation Content

Team 4 - R&Battle of Two Interscope Artists: Summer Walker vs. Ari Lennox
Looking at how rollout strategies affect the trajectory of R&B artists under the same label
Team: Klara Chang, Mira Singh, Erica Wei, Frank Kwame Tanno, Jonathan Louis Rogers
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Team 6 - lyrically
Using lyrical analysis to generate insights and opportunities
Team: Aimée Tian, Kate Soar, Chen Duan, Aaron Dutschmann, Ankita Elizabeth Mathew, Maria Habbouche
Tableau Dashboard

Team 2 - Leveraging Tiktok to create sustainable music careers: A case study on PinkPantheress
Our project is a case study on PinkPantheress - on how she leveraged tiktok to boost her career
Team: Esther Grace Anak Domnu, Tebogo Makhubu, Rashmi Dsouza, Juan Camilo, Sarassa Vargas, Siddharth Saxena

February 27, 2022, 06:45 PM

06:45 PM - 08:15 PM

About The Speakers

Nicky Langley

Nicky Langley [Volunteer]

Founder, MeloCompass

Bryn Boughton

Bryn Boughton [Judge]

VP, Music Affairs, Feed Media Group

Alex Brees

Alex Brees [Judge]

CEO & Founder, unhurd

Saki Markovic

Saki Markovic [Judge]

Head of Digital Marketing, Playground Music

David Boyle

David Boyle [Judge]

Audience Strategies

Lars Ettrup

Lars Ettrup [Judge]

CEO & Co-Founder, Linkfire

Dan Goldberg

Dan Goldberg [Judge]

SVP, Music and Entertainment Development, Fanatics

Michael Kauffman

Michael Kauffman [Judge]

Executive Director, Clio Music & Clio Cannabis The Clio Awards

Measure of Music

Measure of Music

Measure of Music

Lauren Harrell

Lauren Harrell [Volunteer]

BA, International Studies, Spelman College, Seeking an entry-level position within the music industry

Tapas Khanijo

Tapas Khanijo [Volunteer]

BTech. (ECE), BVCOE, New Delhi

Matteo Villa

Matteo Villa [Volunteer]

Head of International and Social Media / Founder, EGO / youBEAT

Seri Guobadia

Seri Guobadia [Judge]

Head of Product, Songkick

Alexandre Perrin

Alexandre Perrin [Judge]

Professor in Music Business, Berklee College of Music, Valencia

Heather Vassar

Heather Vassar [Judge]

VP, Marketing, EMPIRE

Véronique Peyrot

Véronique Peyrot [Judge]

SVP France, Benelux, Italy, MEA, Zebralution

Carlos Serra

Carlos Serra [Judge]

COO, Audiense

Raina Dellani Johanna

Raina Dellani Johanna [Volunteer]

Tencent (JOOX Indonesia), Content Programming Manager, Seeking: Music tech start up mentor in business

Jorge Riveros

Jorge Riveros [Volunteer]

Intern, Q&A

Alex Varia

Alex Varia [Judge]

SVP, Insights & Strategy, Pollen

Aileen Crowley

Aileen Crowley [Judge]

Music + Data Strategy Practice Lead, Lark42

Rachel Buswell

Rachel Buswell [Judge]

Head of Digital Partnerships & Analytics, Domino Recording Co.

Mary Rahmani

Mary Rahmani [Judge]

Founder, Moon Projects

Vyoma Oza

Vyoma Oza [Volunteer]

University of California Santa Barbara, Majoring in Communication (B.A.), Seeking: Apprenticeship with A&R/Producer

JJ Farrell

JJ Farrell [Volunteer]

Marketing & Business Development Consultant