Janette Rouli Andwitasari Sianturi [Mentor]

JOOX Content Promotion Manager, JOOX Indonesia

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Janette Rouli A Sianturi (1995) is a Content Promotion Manager at JOOX Indonesia (Tencent) a music streaming service where she work as a strategist and data analyst for all campaign happening on In App JOOX from music, non music and product (VIP & Coin). previously working as Digital Performance Executive at AKG Games (Salim Group) an entertainment company in partnership with Blizzard and The Pokemon Company. She also worked at Kolase.com as Digital Marketing & Partnership, the first creative crowdfunding for artist based on reward system with tagline #BikinNyata (re: make your project alive). She's from Jakarta and lives in Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan. Interested in learning arts and culture, Janette decided to enter the Japanese UI Study Program in 2013. Her hobby of watching concerts and basketball games introduced her to the music festival team of RRRec Fest in The Valley. Since then she has actively assisted in music events, basketball competitions, art events, becoming a Japanese interpreter, or L.O. She also believes that archiving and collaborating can be a legacy for the next generation. RRRec Fest is what makes her life goal is to encourage collaboration and build a friendly ecosystem for the creative industry that brings her having 4,5 years keep working in marketing and led her to the music and creative scene until now at JOOX Indonesia.

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February 25, 2022, 09:30 PM
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