About this Talk

We'll invite 2022's Measure of Music mentors and past participants onto the virtual stage to hear some words of wisdom and hear how they'll help participants this year.

February 25, 2022, 09:30 PM

09:30 PM - 09:55 PM

About The Speakers

Klara Chang

Klara Chang

Data Analytics Graduate Intern, Disney Music Group

Annabeth Owusu

Annabeth Owusu

Marketing Science, TikTok

Nick Long

Nick Long [Mentor]

Marketing Strategist, Freelance

Michael Zhang

Michael Zhang [Mentor]

Sr. Data Scientist, Splice

Janette Rouli Andwitasari Sianturi

Janette Rouli Andwitasari Sianturi [Mentor]

JOOX Content Promotion Manager, JOOX Indonesia

Vignesh Badrinath Krishna

Vignesh Badrinath Krishna [Mentor]

AI Developer, Musiio

Keziah Carter

Keziah Carter [Mentor][Info Booth]

Executive Director, ADVANCE, Canada's Black Music Business Collective

Chene Castrodale

Chene Castrodale [Mentor][Info Booth]

CEO + Founder | Artist Manager, LIB MGMT

Jesse Engelberg

Jesse Engelberg [Mentor]

Data Scientist, Patreon

Jeremiah Gogo

Jeremiah Gogo [Mentor]

Head of Data & A&R Analytics, Atlantic Records UK

Sara Gozalo

Sara Gozalo [Mentor][Info Booth]

Music Partner Technology Manager, YouTube, Google

Andaç Işık

Andaç Işık [Mentor]

Digital Accounts Executive, Universal Music Group - Turkey

Francesca Lamaina

Francesca Lamaina [Mentor]

Analytics Manager, Sony Music UK

Ciara McAuley

Ciara McAuley [Mentor]

Data Scientist, Patreon

Roberto Medico

Roberto Medico [Mentor]

Data Scientist, Universal Music Group

Carlos Monnaco

Carlos Monnaco [Mentor]

VP Finance, Universal Music Group

Antti Rask

Antti Rask [Mentor]

Business Development Manager, Teosto

Kristie Scavotto

Kristie Scavotto [Mentor][Info Booth]

Digital Marketing Analyst, Crowd Surf

Raghav Srivastava

Raghav Srivastava [Mentor]

Head, Strategy & Operations, Homejam Inc.

Pepe Verde

Pepe Verde [Mentor]

Director of Content Operations, Feed Media Group

Tom Werring

Tom Werring [Mentor]

Creator Partnerships, Patreon

Dayna Young

Dayna Young [Mentor][Info Booth]

Founder/ Marketing Strategist, Fred & Augustus

Lisa Young In

Lisa Young In [Mentor][Info Booth]

Senior Manager, Audience Development, AWAL